Storage and marina

WINTER STORAGE in halls and outdoor. There is a total of 3,000 m2 of cold hall storage.  A new concrete-floored hall has been available from season 2016 - 17 onwards.

A 20-tonne crane is used for lifting, and a telehandler and hydraulic trailer are used to haul the boats.

In connection with the lifts, the bottom of the boats are washed with a pressure washer and the masts are unstepped with a separate crane.

A storage stand can be rented from the yard.

THE MARINA maintains over 70 berths. For mooring there are buoys at three pontoon docks. The maximum depth of boats is 2 meters. The sheltered location enables the safe storage of boats.

There are electrical outlets on the docks and lighting at the shore. Drinking water is also available.

There are a drain pump for septic tanks, a waste collection point and sufficient parking spaces available to customers.

The road leading to the area has a boom to prevent unauthorised traffic.